A very dear friend, Gigi, in her 50s, shared that she has to wear braces for 6 months. “The shifting of my teeth was doing damage to my gums and health of my teeth.” She chose wisely although it wasn’t a fabulous choice like should I eat Tate’s chocolate chip or pumpkin spice cookies. Haha

I explained my excitement for Gigi because she is obedient to the Lord and I figured HE is going to use these inconvenient braces for His good and she’ll be open to where the braces lead her.

Sure enough, she just got them on two hours ago and already there are God stories!

#1 As Gigi sat in the chair with her poor mouth pried open for an hour while being fitted, Tyler Moldovan popped into her mind and she started praying for him.

Background… Tyler is our local Phoenix officer hero that was seriously injured December 2021, while doing his duty. He was shot 8 times, barely surviving. Our whole community rallied, Tyler’s wife Chelsea has unceasingly asked us to pray, and shares one miracle after another with us. The miracle we have all been waiting for, just happened; Tyler had his trach removed after 8 months!

My friend Gigi wrote…”today while I was in the orthodontist chair for 1 hour – they had a mouthpiece in holding my mouth open, making it very hard to breathe and swallow-

I took the opportunity to pray for Tyler Moldovan- made me think of all of the medical and therapy he has gone through learning to breathe and swallow again.” ❤

#2 Gigi’s 6 year old granddaughter Darla, is very close with grandma. Unrelated to Gigi getting braces, her daughter and son in law told Darla that she “better take care of her teeth, because they can’t afford braces”, jokingly meaning they want her to brush and take care of her teeth.

When Darla spent the night at Gigis, Darla confided that she was very worried and she needs to save up her own money for braces because her parents are poor and have no money!! Out of the mouth of babes!

Gigi said “Lol poor sweet girl, I assured her that if she ever needs braces her family will all make sure that she is taken care of!”

Blessings about Darla…#1 So now Gigi gets to show Darla her braces and if Darla ever needs them, Grandma Gigi paved the way. #2 I see a huge blessing in little Darla’s philosophy of saving her money. Personally as a little girl, my family didn’t have much money and I always thought it was normal and fine. I learned to live beneath my means when I got jobs, always within a budget and I didn’t worship money. These are valuable life lessons and if braces give Darla incentive to learn finances at age 6, so be it!

Keep the God stories coming Lord, through Gigi! I love how HE uses the most interesting tools to serve His purposes, if we only allow Him by being open and moldable. ❤

12 thoughts on “Braces

  1. This is part of what “praying without ceasing” is about! It is more than this, but it often begins with recognizing moments when we can “tune in” to Father’s heart and share His burden for what others are going through.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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    1. Amen CA! Praying lifts the person being prayed for AND the people praying and watching God work. And the person asking for prayer. We can watch Hollywood entertainment or watch God work! Thanks for stopping and chatting!

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  2. Hi, I have been trying to stay away from the internet bc it distracts me from the hours I can spend with the Lord. I did just read and comment on one of your stories though. 😍🥰😍


  3. Loved reading this Marla. This reminded me of a time when my friend was waiting to go into day surgery. She was getting quite anxious. She decided to pray for others while she waited. She said that it took her mind away from her stress at the time, focused on the need others have and more importantly drew her focus to God. Praying can be done anywhere and everywhere and I found these God stories so encouraging.
    Blessings my friend 💙

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    1. Beautiful ! I’ve been sick and am praying for a lot of people, including you bc I have so much time on my hands. I can’t even craft bc monsoon season is here and with all our leaks, the whole room is covered with a tarp. 😒 I’m enjoying studying Numbers with you. Thank you for your teachings.

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      1. Thank you for your prayers for me Marla and for your encouraging words of doing numbers with me. I pray that you will be well soon and that you can also get back to doing craft.

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