Brain Fog

My blogger friend (Mama Lava) talked about her brain fog recently and I thought it was a great subject to blog about also.

Do you deal with it?

I am personally noticing lots of brain fog and my attention span is that of a gnat anymore. Scientists claim the average adult attention span is 8 seconds, goldfish span is 9!  I tried to figure out where the fog is coming from but couldn’t stay focused on the subject. Haha Now I just live in the moment and enjoy that. 

For me, the leading cause is too much stimuli constantly bombarding us.  For instance, how many people do you communicate with and they all have stories of their own (and your brain tries to remember all those details until it gives up)? 

Olden days…only had one phone with a cord, so while you were attached to a chair by the phone on the wall, you knew what was happening with one person, on the other end of that phone.  Today…talk to one person on the phone, hang up and have to answer 1 on 1 texts, group texts, messenger messages, Facebook posts, WordPress blogs, emails, family members talking.  It’s utterly ridiculous!  

Sideline problem created by too much stimuli…Worrying…For me, too many forms of communication also cause anxiety.  “Did I send Donna the book link we were discussing; I don’t see it in messenger but it could be an email or text or maybe I thought I sent it but didn’t yet?  Where did I see the video Susan sent so I can forward it to Julie?  What is Jo’s new puppy’s name again?  The person Janice asked me to pray for, where is that?” I spend time trying to find my answer but there is no way to keep organized anymore.  Philippians 4:4-6

One of my best vacations ever was a place that had no internet.   I still remember everything I did at that airbnb, like art journaling,  reading and enjoying Women’s Day, which book and chapter of the Bible I studied…all things I wouldn’t normally remember bc of the constant bombardment and distraction of communication methods.  Sad but true.  I highly encourage unplugged days. A lot of them!

Big picture…Do we really need to focus on the million details by a million communication methods? Are they mostly unneeded distractions? Who gets pleasure from distraction and pulling us away from God? 😈

Keep life simple and communicate with Jesus! HE is the best listener and we don’t need all the electronics to chat with Him. HIS availability is 24/7. No USB, ISP, IPad, cloud, 5G, blah blah blah necessary.

I am curious, if you have brain fog or just plain can’t remember things like you used to, does it bother you or do you just accept it?

18 thoughts on “Brain Fog

    1. 🙂 Wonder if there are any places left in USA that haven’t “advanced” which in my opinion means went backwards?! Thank you for taking your time to read and comment.


    1. Hi Manu! I think I’ll set a goal of 4 days unplugged, 3 days not. I recall when I worked at a very stressful job, I rarely got physically sick but took off for mental health days. Before anyone addressed mental health. So unplugging is the same concept to me. P.S. I was at our library and got easy read books about different countries, yours being one of them. ❤🥰❤

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    1. Done! Our library has Hoopla as an option where I can get the book as long as I need it. Just downloaded your recommendation. I love to read and do relax on the sabbath. Thank you!! ❤

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  1. As I was reading this it occurred to me that all of this stimuli is like brain candy- we get addicted to it’s sweetness like we do sugar. It is hard to unplug- to pull away from the buzz, but we need that detox so badly!

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    1. Hi Mama, thank you for allowing me to share your topic and I agree with you! Yes, there have been uncountable times where I lose hour upon hour while I think I’m taking care of business (cleaning up all communication forms). I just stepped away from the computer for a couple of days and actually feel less brain fog! I wrote out 7 greeting cards, read a large portion of a book, spent more quality time with Dave and enjoyed monsoon weather. I did text minimally but it wasn’t my frenzied pace of trying to keep up with all the communication. A wonderful question happens when I walk away from electronics…”What good stuff can I do since I have more time suddenly? ” I’m going to try a goal of unplugging 4 days this week.

      Your last food post for focus foods was great. How are you doing?

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      1. I just gave my granddaughter back to my daughter. It was a whirlwind having her here, but it was great fun! My grandson and another of my daughters come in a few days. When they leave, I can focus on me. I have some things in the works that I expect might be huge improvements, when I can embrace them :). Haven’t the monsoons been amazing?

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  2. I am fortunate that where I live we have no cell service, so I only have a land line, the good old cord hooked to a phone. At my office, I only text clients for info. And as I have my business and help out with chores taking care of the animals at the ranch, I only have enough hours in a day for that, so I have never been on any social media platform (other that my blog on WP) I love to read actual books and what other time I have is used in talking to God, reading the Word, and worshiping Him. I sleep great, and live my life with clarity, thanks to be to God!

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    1. Wow, your life is what I’m looking for! No cell service, perfect. Land line, we just had the tech come out and solve connectivity problems bc I’m adamant about not getting rid of land service and being connected to the cell phone only. Being surrounded and needed by animals, perfect.

      We went on a 2 week vacation and stayed at farm houses quite a bit and I love this lifestyle. Hard work but peaceful. Godly.

      May I ask what state you are in?

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        1. Mmmm, I’ve been to all 50 states and guess which one is my favorite?! 🙂🙂🙂 Alaska is second. We visited Grace Idaho 2 weeks ago and the greenery during the first weeks of June are like Ireland. It was stunning between all the farm animals grazing, different shades of green, hills and mountains. My camera got a workout. Congratulations on your lifestyle!

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  3. Marla, A great topic to post on with helpful information. Your question “If you have brain fog or just plain can’t remember things like you used to, does it bother you or do you just accept it?” gave me pause. Brain fog came with pregnancy and and has never fully lifted even though my kids are middle and high school now. Sometimes I fight it and other times I just accept it. That said, one of the vacation we take each year is to the mountains where we’re cut off from all electronics and cell service. I have to say I always come back more refreshed from that trip than from our beach trip where we do have full access to electronics.


    1. Hi Beth, thank you for your thoughtful insights! You educated me on brain fog and pregnancy, I didn’t know that. And since you and I find peace in the mountains without electronics, maybe I should open an airbnb offering that and the “no electronics ” would be the main thing advertised. 😃 I bet lots of people feel that way. ❤

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