Different Trip Ideas

Good morning, my friends. I’d like your input.

I’m looking for “out of the box” vacation ideas. I’m being watchful, after praying for God to provide the answers. (Colossians 4:2 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.)

Mission Trips…Have you ever been on one? Describe it please. If you know of any mission trips leaving from Phoenix and perhaps you’ve already signed up, or are interested,  please let me know.

Or vacation destinations where you’ve felt the warmth of that village/town. Some of my experiences were Branson MO, Woodward OK and Somerville TN. These places had God filled, welcoming, smiling, loving people. Please share specific places like this that you loved.

Any input is appreciated!

May God bless your week. ❤

21 thoughts on “Different Trip Ideas

  1. Some friends of mine are moving to Philadelphia to run an Inn called Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast. I’ve never been to Philly, but it’s the city of brotherly love and Abe and Lisa (the innkeepers) are certainly warm, Jesus lovin’, kind people! I think you’d like them! If you’re interested, lmk. I can get more info. 🌷

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  2. I did go on a missions trip to Guatemala in 1999 as the translator for medical missionaries. It was eye-opening and heartbreaking but also so worth the trip. I went with my church that we were attending in Maryland. Suggestion for vacation: did you know that there are church camps for adults? Just search for Christian summer retreats for adults and tons of info comes up.

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    1. Hi Vickie, thank you for responding. How beautiful that you touched lives, maybe saved lives, through translating. No, I didn’t know about adult summer camps. I searched and there are quite a few in Prescott, which is cooler and not too far from me. Thank you!

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  3. Bali or Maldives? Places I have not been to, but have considered, and I don’t know if you want to prayerfully check them out? I have not been on a missions 📖 trip. I would love to, and I’m praying for guidance and awaiting opportunity.❤🙏🏾

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      1. Really I don’t know much about Bali or Maldives other than reports that they are stunningly beautiful and famous vacation spots. I would have to read up on them but I know reports of someone who went to Maldives and really enjoyed it and they’re planning to go to Bali next year, so I was considering because of that.

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  4. My wife had a sabbatical coming up in 2013 and we decided to use it to teach at MIU, The Mongolian International University, a Christian run school that focuses on preparing the next generation of Mongolian teens and young adults for professions in life, from biotech, business, fashion and education.
    We were instructed not to “evangelize” during classes, but after school time was great for any normal social interaction with the students, including telling them why we were in Mongolia: The Lord had told us to go.

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    1. Wow, that is incredible. How obedient to God you were to go out on a limb and do this. Wonder why they didn’t want you to evangelize during school hours at a Christian school? No matter what, you planted God’s seeds. Beautiful. ❤

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      1. The issue was the school was started with a government grant of land based on what type of curriculum they would offer.
        But it was started by a Korean professor who began as a missionary.

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