Dear Jesus Journal Entry

Dearest Jesus,

I appreciate:

-My Bible, as I still have one and no one is forcing it away from me yet.

-My eyesight.   It is not as good as I’d like it to be, but I’m still able to see my Bible.

-This sunny day that is warm.  It feels good on my body as it’s been cold lately.

-My health.  I have small ailments here and there but can still fully participate in life.

-Quietness.  I feel you and your peace when surrounded by quietness.

-My vegetable juice and vitamins that keep me healthy.

-My hearing that I can experience sounds like the clocks ticking, doves cooing, gentle hums of appliances, a car in the distance.

-A peaceful day that doesn’t have a lot of activities. I’m ignoring all the extra things the devil throws at me that keeps me from using that precious time to worship you.

May I never take any of these things for granted because they could be all gone tomorrow, as the world changes.

I know you are in control and you giveth and taketh away and that’s okay.  I trust you and am glad you already know everything and I will be safe with you for eternity.

I love you.  Amen.



19 thoughts on “Dear Jesus Journal Entry

    1. Hi Anneta, thank you for taking the time to stop, read and comment. I appreciate it. Agreed that gratitude is powerful. I have good days when I have Gratitude. I wished I could display it all days.

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