The Mattress Prayer

Here is a good story about God’s perfect timing. 

We ordered another mattress because I wasn’t satisfied with our current one.  While we were waiting for the new one, I pulled the foam topper off the current mattress and wondered why I didn’t like it, as it was still in very good condition!  It would have been a hassle to cancel the new one so it was delivered and we started using it.   We stored the old one temporarily and I prayed “Please God, let me know what I should do.  Do I test and return the new one?  Please let me know clearly if and when I should give away the old mattress.  Amen.” 

Two months went by and I felt ready to let the old mattress go.  God gave me the peace in my heart that I wait for when I pray.  Starting on my possibility checklist, the person I thought may want it had just purchased one they were thrilled with.  Second hand stores weren’t allowed to take them by law.  I wasn’t going to put this perfectly good mattress in a landfill so I emailed 15 friends.  Someone had to have a guest bedroom with a yucky mattress, needing an upgrade. 

Now the good God story…A friend responded quickly.  She needed an adult mattress for her teen daughter.  This teen happens to be one of my favorite kids and we even share the same birthday so I was pleasantly surprised.  My mattress was not only going to a good home, but a favorite person will be sleeping on it. 

The other great surprise is the friend needed both a mattress AND a frame and within ONE HOUR, another mutual friend had contacted her…”Hey, I’m selling my house and if all goes well, I’ll be selling some furniture.   Do you have an interest in seeing any?”   You can probably guess the answer…Yes, she had a beautiful frame available!

God’s perfect timing!  ❤😍❤

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