Wild Colorado Black Bear, at our window!

So I’ve got the best animal story yet! 

We went back to my favorite Colorado farmhouse and it exceeded all expectations if that is even possible.  I love animals and God blesses me with plenty at this place.  In July, we had a dog and cat follow us, saw marmot, wild horses, sheep, cows, deer.  If you want to read about this peaceful vacation  please do:   https://wp.me/pbgHGQ-q6

This trip, it again, was an animal lover’s paradise!  We had a skunk greet us the moment we pulled up.  We saw magpies (gorgeous sleek black birds with white wings,) wild turkey running around in the backyard, a large doe and her baby in our yard at sunset, grazing on the clover.  On Sunday morning, there was a cacophony of small birds in all the trees, tweeting so loud that I thought “wouldn’t it be great if people in church were this joyous?!”  Crickets chirped day and night, so calming.  Our local dog, Molly, greeted us during our walk.  Beautiful horses were a couple feet from us in a field.  Deer were scattered all over and one came out of nowhere, as Dave slammed on the brakes.  Long eared goats were bleating like crazy and I had the best time feeding them grass, plus we fed our local donkeys.

I was feeling so blessed with all these guys.  But nothing compares to the upcoming event…

At 730pm, I looked out our side window, and there was a black bear, 50 ft away!  The farmhouse has a barbwire fence surrounding the property and the bear was in the adjacent empty field.  He walked towards the road and was eating tree leaves so we were taking pics from the living room and I went out onto our porch.  He was busy climbing trees, chomping away, which was amazing since he was full grown. 

At dusk, he entered our yard!  How he got through the barbwire fence is a mystery.  He roamed around the perimeter of our yard and we were in the house, taking pics with the flash.  He got curious and moved closer to the house, all 500 lbs of him.  This was unbelievably exciting, since bears don’t roam around Phoenix too often.  Haha


His big head filled the window and he looked at us with his sweet brown face.  I tried to take his picture but the flash ruined it.  If he were aggressive, he would have swiped with his paw or growled, but he just looked at me, all curious.  WHAT A GIFT FROM GOD!  This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me!  Dave named him Buster.

The next day, we talked to our local friend who tends the fields and he said the bear is a “she” and has lived in the area a few years.  She is always curious and polite, even when she had cubs last year, doesn’t harm anything and never gets in the garbage cans.  What a special bear! 

I unfortunately couldn’t get her picture but the image of her peeking at me, brings a smile to my face each time I think of her and is burned in my memory forever!  Thank you God!

My art work of her in the window. Ha
Oh I got so excited over my bear that I forgot to mention the gorgeous autumn scenes!

16 thoughts on “Wild Colorado Black Bear, at our window!

    1. Thank you Donna. I love that God puts so many animals in my life. We are too busy for a domestic pet right now and God blesses me with wild pets. 😋 Thank you for the vote of confidence on my drawn bear. 😄 Hope your family is catering to your injury. 😉

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