Slow Life?

Nothing in my life is fast paced, including all the problems that need resolved.

I’d appreciate your input so I can see if this happens only to me or to everyone!

Recent issues:

Daphne’s Diary – this is a magazine from the U.K. that I adore.  So creative.  I ordered a 1 year subscription in December and they ship from Canada to me, in the USA.  I called the subscription company 4 times throughout 2 months and finally got the first issue 46 days later!  Issue resolved.  Thank you God!

Investment Firm – I wanted to change a beneficiary.   Simple enough.  I thought it was done after my request March 2020.  It wasn’t.  It took countless emails, 3 attempts throughout all of 2020, the last attempt while I was on vacation Dec of 2020.  Then they did my IRS 1099 incorrectly and it took another 6 weeks to resolve, only after I sent an letter to the VP of the company!  1 year to resolve but it is resolved.   Thank you God!

New Eye Doctor – I have some health issues and decided it is best to go to an eye specialist.   I picked an ophthalmologist firm that got excellent reviews.  The firm has about 20 doctors but only 1 main phone number.  For 2 months, It took countless calls, being disconnected repetitively while being switched from one rep to another because no one knew the simplest of questions, etc.  I finally went to my appointment with the new specialist,  was satisfied and will continue with him annually.  3 months until I got results.   Thank you God!

Emergency Room Bill – I ended up in ER while on a vacation last December because a popcorn kernel was stuck in my throat.  The NP was kind enough and after taking x-rays, didn’t see anything and said it must have scratched the trachea and I’m ok.  I never go to ER or Urgent Care so am unfamiliar with claims.  I got separate charges for the IN NETWORK hospital facility and the x-rays, which I promptly paid.  The ER doctor was a separate bill and after the insurance paid $300 out of $1200, I was not to be billed.  I’m being billed for $800!  The ER billing is saying the ER doctors are OUT-OF-NETWORK.  What?  A person in an emergency situation picks a hospital that is in-network and needs to ask if the doctors are also in-network?   While they are choking or their limbs are hanging off from a lawnmower accident or their heads in a bloody pulp from a car accident?  I’ve appealed this case 3 times over 4 months with countless messages and calls.  Thursday, the insurance company told me that I am not to pay and they would take care of it.  I’d like to say this case is resolved but I had a voice mail on Friday from the insurance company saying to call them.  Ghaa!

Garbage Dumpster Contract  – My husband Dave, had this one on his plate.  The garbage company  raised the bill in January by $50 a month.  Too much so Dave told them we don’t want their services. Dave did everything requested, including sending a certified letter of cancelation,  which they didn’t accept at their facility and were too lazy to go to the post office to receive.  They would not cancel their service, I kid you not.  They continued to bill AFTER THEY PICKED UP THE DUMPSTER for 2 more months!  This company was so deceitful and disreputable, that we paid the bill just to be done with them.  4 months of time to resolve.  Done.  Thank you God!

So readers, do you experience this…is this normal?!  I am writing to you after the fact that these problems all go away over time and God is in them.  Everything we own is His so I wake each day and ask Him what I’m supposed to do.  God tells me to have patience!

John 6:33
“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

15 thoughts on “Slow Life?

  1. ;Yes! quite normal to experience life setbacks which provides opportunity to trust God more as each life curveball rises up, it also provides the opportunity to practice patience upon waiting on God to help with each circumstance or situation that arises in life.

    My hopes are this answer is helpful for you!

    God Bless! To you and your family. ☺


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  2. I agree with the previous commentator, Mikel, that life’s inevitable frustrations are an opportunity to practise trust in God, and to develop the virtues of patience and endurance.
    I admire the persistence that you have shown in dealing with large companies.
    Waiting, for all of us, is a form of suffering. And yet, we find that through waiting, which none of us likes, we grow spiritually. 🤗⚘

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    1. Agreed, these issues have strengthened my trust in Jesus. After I get over the negative emotion, I have been trying to remind myself that Jesus knows the whole situation so He may want extra money for the ER doctor, etc.. May I ask, do you also wait long for modern day issues such as medical and business issues, to be resolved? Thank you for reading!

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      1. Oh yes, for sure, we wait a long time for many issues to be resolved, and, as you clearly conveyed in your post, these waits can be very frustrating.

        Like you, I am persistent, and also keep careful documentation. As we know, large corporations are bogged down in so many ‘details’.
        I’ve been waiting for a certain issue to be resolved for over seven years.
        The turtle is a great reminder of slow but steady progress.
        In your post, you clearly expressed feelings that most of us can identify with. ⚘🤗

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        1. Ok thank you for replying and validating! Sometimes I feel alone in certain things so you helped. 7 years, that is a real test of patience! You bring up a good point about large corporations; You have a loving perspective with compassion! If I have trouble with so much detail of my one account, how would it feel to handle 1000 customer’s details. Ugh. Thanks Sally, God bless you!

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          1. Thanks. Blessings to you as well. God uses every detail of our lives to conform us more and more into the image of His Son. Stay encouraged, the Lord loves you so much. ⚘🤗

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  3. Yes we have experienced these type of things also. I believe it’s because of the days we live in. Very frustrating for sure. They eventually get resolved after praying and asking the Lord for help. He always helps! 🙌

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  4. Good morning my friend and sister in the Lord Jesus Christ!. Emergency Room Bill….instead of Ghaa! Remember to praise Him for His answer before you receive it. I spent a few minutes this morning looking for a blog I had written before pertaining to rejoicing before you get your answer. So I will just put the link here for ya. Rejoicing with you for the victory that the Lord will supply for you in the ER room bill situation. He is in charge and whatever the answer is, we rejoice! Sending love and a hug.

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