It is a new week!  Yesterday morning I was ready to go berserk from this week’s activities, too many for my taste.  But then Dave and I had a wonderful date day and it totally recharged my batteries and voila, I look back on this week and have a fresh perspective.  Do you relate?

I now realize all the good stuff that occurred:

—TAXES ARE DONE!  60 hours of work, 20 hours this week.  Done!

—Annual wellness medical exam, done!

—Annual bloodwork of 7 tubes, done!

—Annual Radiology exams scheduled and done tomorrow!

—Future vacations scheduled (Dave did one, thank you Dave!)



And because these major things are done, it frees up time this week to devote to:

—Celebrating Pam’s birthday 🎁

—Finishing annual medical stuff

—Preparing for Dave’s birthday 🎁

—Devoting my new founded extra time to HOLY WEEK!  Meditating each day on the events of Holy Week.  Re-reading all the Gospels of Jesus path to Calvary, leading up to the celebration of life, our new lives through Jesus’ resurrection!


Did you recharge this week and what was it that recharged you?  Have a great week everyone!

P.S.  My picture is of the NEW baby dove.  We put a lid from an old Avon box under our eaves years ago and each spring, a mama dove inhabits it and brings forth a new baby or two.  NEW BIRTH!

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