Nutty & Buddy Get an Opportunity During Advent

Nutty & Buddy

Nutty: “How was the past week for you Buddy? Did you see any opportunities to prepare your heart for the coming of Jesus during this Advent season?”

Buddy: (lazily laying on his cushy pillow) “No, everything was normal.”

Nutty: “Hmm, I bet there were some opportunities and you may not have been aware? Buddy?”

Buddy: (starting to drift off into another nap)

Nutty: “I had an opportunity. Story time Buddy. Here goes…I bought a tool from a stranger this week. I gave him $350 in cash. He texted me after I drove home and said I shorted him. I know for sure I paid him $350 because I took $670 out of the bank, counted it at the bank and had $320 left, after paying the guy.”

Buddy: “Wow, the stranger lied and tried to cheat you? Grrr, I can bite his ankle for you boss.”

Nutty: “Thanks for being loyal Buddy. That was my first emotion too. As I sat still for awhile, wondering what to do, I realized some things.”

Buddy: “Like what? There are a lot of bad people that need their ankles bitten like this chiseling stranger? And the mailman who I run after for fun?”

Nutty: “Haha, that was one of my questions. Was he bad? Was he deliberately trying to get more money from me? That is what God calls judging. God knows this whole situation. God knows this stranger’s heart and whether he is cheating or not. He could have dropped a $20 and honestly thinks I shorted him. God was giving me an opportunity of preparing my heart. Do I get angry, judge, call him a liar, seek revenge? All these responses are sins.”

Buddy: “Ya and normal responses. I hope you chose all of them!”

Nutty: “I chose to simmer down as I talked to God, then texted the stranger that I was positive I paid him the correct amount. But if the tool works well, I will send him the extra $20. I did send him the extra money.”

Buddy: “What ta?”

Nutty: “God gives us opportunities to love each other. I am grateful God chose me to be kind to a stranger. It wasn’t up to me to decide whether he deserved it or not. What was up to me was placing God before my emotions and desire to be mean.”

Buddy: “What is his address? Biting him is the best thing.”

Nutty: “Take this cookie and go lay down. Someday, you will get it Bud.”

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