Letter to God

Bible study question: Write your own worship song or letter to the Lord praising Him for who He is and what He has done or is doing in your life.

Ok sure!

Dear God,

You are my everything. I can ALWAYS count on you and you are ALWAYS there for me. You are my rock, my fortress, my deliverer. You strengthen me when I need it. You weaken me and strip my pride when I need that. When I am quiet, I hear you the most. You sent me Jesus to take away my sins and the Holy Spirit to guide me in right and wrong. You are the Most High and there is none like you. I look forward almost every day to knowing I will live with you in Heaven for eternity.

I love learning about you every which way…studying your most precious Words through the Bible…being blessed with the stories you provide me personally…your special gift of all your creation, especially animals…everyone you put into my life.

Thank you for my life and giving me this time on earth to experience you. I can’t believe all the blessings you give me each and every day, the nice stuff and the trials. They are all part of your special experience for me. I try my best to work through the trials because all that is important to me is to please you. I fail at times and that doesn’t matter because you love me completely.

I just can’t imagine what it will be like to praise you in Heaven for all eternity.

Thank you for being the Great I Am and loving little old me, one of your children.

You are my everything.

I love you God.

P.S. Will there be chocolate in Heaven? Heehee.

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