Sweet Squirrel

I love living in our rural area because we have an array of wild animal creatures.

Sometimes they are cute as the dickens like I have wild bunnies that take crackers out of my hand. Other times they are not as cute like when pack rats, common to this area, build nests under our vehicle hoods and chew our wires for part of their nesting materials. Ugh.

For over a month, a large squirrel has roamed our property and seemed content without causing any property damage. A couple of days ago there were 2 squirrels. Ah oh, possibly a new future squirrel family! This is the point where a property owner needs to rethink this happy squirrel situation.

We made a decision to capture them in a live trap and relocate them in the wilderness near water, miles from human population.

We captured one very quickly after setting the trap and released it into the wilderness.

The other squirrel, still remaining at our house, seemed to be the mate of the one we just released because my husband, Dave, said he/she had been running on top of the cage, trying to release them. Kind of sad and we wished we could have caught them together but if you know how live traps work, they snap shut as soon as one animal is caught.

Never fear because God knows all and can do anything!

I prayed “If it is your will God, please let squirrel #2 go into this trap so Dave can reunite them. Thank you in advance.”

A day later, this is what we found!

Now after releasing squirrel #2 to the same spot as squirrel #1, I can only imagine our 2 squirrels having a glorious reunion! Maybe I needed to put a GoPro camera on them! And an added bonus when we released the squirrel was 3 wild burros checking us out in the distance. Awesome!

Thank you God for loving us and your animal kingdom. ❤

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