More Extraordinary Gifts

1st Gift…I got a text from someone “Elizabeth here, I’d like to change my appointment time from 2 to 230pm, if that’s ok.”  This wasn’t the usual goofy texts about a person wanting to sell my house (that’s not even my address.)  To be courtesy,  I let Elizabeth know she had the wrong person.  She […]


One of my journal entries to Jesus during Holy Week: Dear Jesus, I am looking at Dave’s baseball cap and slippers that I washed this morning.  I should always be happy to do this task because it means I have someone to wash clothes for.  Not everyone does.  You gave me someone that cared enough […]


It is a new week!  Yesterday morning I was ready to go berserk from this week’s activities, too many for my taste.  But then Dave and I had a wonderful date day and it totally recharged my batteries and voila, I look back on this week and have a fresh perspective.  Do you relate? I […]