11 thoughts on “Test

  1. Can anyone write a comment on this post? I am getting an error of “There’s a problem handling request.   Try back later.” I cannot like or follow anyone’s blogs and it started this morning.

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  2. Thank you both. I tried several things and what worked was turning VPN off, then back on. I’m so happy it’s solved bc I want to devote my days to Jesus and Holy Week, not technical problems!

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    1. Agreed! In our area of North Phoenix, we have these roadrunners, doves, Quail, nighthawks, owls, ravens, cactus wrens, hummingbirds to name a few. Delightful 😊 Thank you God ❤ Have a good day Cindy!

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        1. No, I have both apps but I switched to Jetpack so what happens is if I open WordPress, it says Reader has already move to Jetpack. Oh yoy. I could try removing Jetpack but am too afraid I’ll remove all my 3 years worth of blogs. I may open a ticket with them next week. Jesus is of utmost importance this week. ❤ Thank you!


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