More Extraordinary Gifts

1st Gift…I got a text from someone “Elizabeth here, I’d like to change my appointment time from 2 to 230pm, if that’s ok.”  This wasn’t the usual goofy texts about a person wanting to sell my house (that’s not even my address.)  To be courtesy,  I let Elizabeth know she had the wrong person.  She said she meant to choose Maria (my name is similar…Marla.)  I suddenly got a feeling that I may know this Elizabeth.  Me: Is this Canadian Elizabeth that was in my Bible study a few years ago?”  Elizabeth: “Yep, that’s me.”  We had a nice text conversation, catching up on the last 5 years.

2nd Gift…God gives me heart shaped rocks and dimes.  This has been going on for years and I get excited each time, finding one or the other, knowing His special touch of loving me.  Today, I picked up the mail at the post office.  There are 25 columns of post office boxes, at least 10 in each row.  On the floor, directly below my box, was “my God dime!”

3rd Gift…We went hiking on the same path we frequent daily, for the past 18 years.  Only this day, I found the most unique rock.  There doesn’t seem to be an exact match on the internet and that is fine with me!

Gifts from God need no explanation or logic.  They are GIFTS and only need acceptance and a grateful heart. 

As Jesus Calling says, “I know precisely what you need to draw nearer to me.  Go through each day looking for what I have prepared for you.  Accept every event as My hand-tailored provision for your needs.”

Thank you God for Your hand-tailored love for each one of your children.   Amen.

Remembering all of our fallen Veterans this weekend.  They are an extraordinary gift. And Jesus, thank you for Your life, so that I could “live.” ❤

5 thoughts on “More Extraordinary Gifts

  1. Thank you very much for being worthy of God’s love and care.Yes ,it hasn’t happened all of a sudden ,it has happened because you have prepared yourself and have made yourself worthy of it by being loyal to the bond of true love between a father and a child.Take care.🌹🙏✝

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    1. Thank you Francis. What a beautiful thought about the bond of true love between a father and a child. Our church sermon today was about our Heavenly Father’s love for us. I want to just sit and bask in this for awhile. Thank you for your continued encouragement and have a good Sunday!


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