Where’s the Footie game

Oh Jesus, I love when you are playful with me!

My husband and I returned from vacation and I washed our four loads of clothes. After drying, as I sorted and began putting them away, I noticed the match to my favorite pink footies was missing. They were hot pink so should be easy to find. They were not. I figured they were stuck on another piece of clothing due to winter static cling (Bounce helps partially.) I searched in vain, trying to remember all the clothes I already put away and checking them. I also reopened the suitcase that I repack for the next vacation. The hot pink footie was nowhere to be found.

I asked my husband to be on the lookout too. No man wants to have an article of clothing on, unknowingly having a hot pink footie clinging to it!

I know it sounds a bit silly but I prayed that Jesus would show me where the match was because 1) hot pink is one of my favorite colors and 2) they are nice and thick for winter.

A couple of days later, I pulled out my pink undies and low and behold, the footie was inside of them! Look at the picture and you’ll see how obscurely it was hidden…same exact color and camouflaged other than a bit of diamond print showing!

Dear Jesus, I love our relationship! You know I love mysteries and games and you played with me. Thank you for showing yourself in magical ways, as always! I love you. ❤🙂❤

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