About Me 🌼

Hi, my name is Marla. This is my personal journey with God.

I have felt Him calling me for a long time to share where He takes me and what He does in my everyday life, ordinary and extraordinary.

Why haven’t I written a blog before this? Fear? Time restraints? Lack of confidence? Pride? Didn’t know how or where to begin using today’s technology? My SD card with my stories and pictures got corrupted? Maybe all of these.

Probably my top answer is I am not a perfect writer as far as English grammar. After attempting to read “Painless Grammar” and “Get Wise, Mastering Writing Skills,” it seems one can get all wrapped up in being perfect with adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, et cetera and I thought “this isn’t me, I just want to write uninhibitedly.”

This leads me to my next thought and the reason I am starting this blog. Writing has always been something that comes from my heart, not something that has to be perfect from a textbook.

And this is how it is regarding my relationship with God. It comes from my heart. And this is how it is regarding my relationship with God. It comes from my heart.

Last year, I would have asked my husband and friends to read this intro and my stories and give me validation whether to go forward or not. Today, my husband is golfing and has no idea of this newly created blog. And although it is tempting to ask a friend or two, my life is transforming into releasing any approval from others.

Presently, I know it isn’t up to me to decide where this blog will go in popularity. And it isn’t about my name and fame. This is God’s story about the life He has given me, that I am penning for Him. He may mean for it to touch one person, He may want it to reach thousands. I am just suppose to share my unique story, as He has made each one of us with unique stories.

This blog may help you learn how to capture your own unique story. I hope so.



My motto



God is always there!

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful” Colossians 4:2