Where’s Waldo?

Image 1

Good morning! This was in my draft folder and lighthearted. I’ve been working hard on taxes and need some fun so here’s Waldo! (Disclaimer: I’ll be referring to different pictures so hopefully, WordPress leaves my order of pictures intact.)

I woke feeling a bit grumpy. Only God knows why because I sure didn’t. I prayed for God to help me. Then I remembered a book Dave just bought at Goodwill, “Find Waldo Now.” I wasn’t familiar with Waldo, even though it was pretty popular back when. Dave and I did the first couple of pages together and for those of us that love to search and find, it is great fun. While trying to find Waldo, which I thought was the only purpose, Dave showed me if I paid attention to the extreme detail, there’s a story to be learned everywhere.

Waldo is hidden in a maze of intricate tiny characters.Β  And each character is doing something different and super amusing! In the above first picture (image 1), find the woman, rolling up her sleeve, ready to sock her husband. Her story is she’s mad because he’s eating a mammoth drumstick, while the kid’s tongues are hanging out, mouth’s watering and the dad is holding his other kid at bay with his hand. Hilarious! Or to the left of them is a couple of guys petting the gray dog and the brown dog is all sad. Awh.

Image 2

Now look at the second picture (image 2). At the bottom are wild pigs chasing some poor guy but right below are 6 guys chasing a pig. Haha Look to the top right and find the guys in the trees, having a battle with the wild elephants, and all the stories involved. So amusing!

Finding Waldo, makes me think of two Godly things. One is “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22” I am no longer grumpy because God used Waldo, after I prayed! Two is I’m always finding hidden gems like this, reading the Bible! You too? Yey God!

For those of you who must find Waldo before you can continue your day, I included the picture below (image 3), where he’s hiding. He has on a red and white stripped shirt and ski cap, blue pants and glasses. πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜˜πŸ˜ƒ Thanks for playing! Have a blessed Sunday! Oh and a big kudos to the author, Martin Handford for his incredible detail and patience, in creating these amazing books.

Image 3

6 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo?

  1. He’s there, tucked in. Bottom picture, location of upper middle area, on white rock wall. Look for the 2 mammoths at the top, then see wall beneath them. Waldo is at bottom of the wall. His blue pants are the most identifying mark. Hard to see for sure. Thanks for playing!


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