My New Year’s Resolutions ❤

Happy New Year everyone!  Did you make any resolutions?   I like to.  It’s something to strive for, even if it’s not accomplished for the whole year.  

If you look at my picture, these are goals since 2012 (10 years worth!), most are mine, some are my husbands.

A past favorite was, “Remember to stay in touch with Jesus throughout the day, even if I don’t get everything done.”

And 2017 resolution, “Dave and I build each other up.  Become best friends.”

This year, my new resolutions are:

Be still:

Meditate on Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.”  I am asking God to immediately alert me when I get frustrated (and I get frustrated easily,) help me to stop, breathe, sit down if I can, be still and reflect on Him. 


 I never heard of this until a month ago and discovered it is a huge movement that has been happening for years.  Videos, newsletters, books, all written to motivate. 

It all started when I thought it would be great to paint one kitchen wall a bright highlighter yellow.  I took “before” pictures and my eyes went bonkers.  There was so much stuff on every surface, I could barely see the wall.  Extreme visual distraction. 

Then I asked Dave if we could switch out the kitchen counters.  It wasn’t an easy feat and he willingly complied and succeeded.  Upon admiring our finished counter tops, we were about to drag in our kitchen contents, covering our living room floor.  I said “Wait, instead of covering the new beautiful counters, can we put items in our cabinets?  What’s in them?”  And neither of us could answer!

Since then, I have been purging wildly.  My upcoming blogs are about progress.

THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND THIS NEW PASSION, JESUS.  Stay tuned for my upcoming Sunday blogs to understand why.

Thanks for reading!   ❤

15 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolutions ❤

  1. I’m there with you- I’m exploring the concept of “simple” too! I am looking forward to encouraging each other through blogs and conversation this year. I’m thankful for you!

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  2. Awesomeness! I especially love the staying in touch with Jesus, be still, and the building each other up. May you accomplish all your resolutions. May you also have a happy and prosperous New Year! 🎉

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    1. Thank you so much Cherie! I appreciate the encouragement! Happy New Year to you too.

      I thank God that you touch so many with your blogs. I just found out a friend’s daughter was bullied with violence at school and the bully got a slap on the wrist. That is her 6th suspension. I’m praying for protection for my friend’s daughter and for the bully to get the help needed, in whatever way God designs. Keep blogging!

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          1. You tell Kaitlyn that there’s nothing wrong with her and that her bullies behavior isn’t any reflection on her. Tell her that it isn’t her fault they’re acting like a bunch of moronic hoodlums. And that she’s an awesome girl regardless of what they tell her. God bless you and God bless Kaitlyn. 💖💐🌹

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