Huge Miracle From God! ❤🙏❤

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel from witnessing one of the biggest miracles of my lifetime for my very dearest friend, Laura and her family, Micheal and Colton.  This God story is also about prayer and the unification it creates for those that love Him.

In the past years, God’s power has been seen and heard between Laura and myself when we pray for each other, and our family and friends.

Laura’s Story:

4/17/21 – None of Laura’s family is feeling well.  Covid.

4/19/21 – Micheal, her husband is getting more and more Covid symptoms.

4/20/21 – I hadn’t been reading the Bible daily and this morning, read about the Roman Centurion who came to Jesus to help his servant.  Jesus was astonished with this man’s faith.

4/20/21 – At noon, Laura took Micheal to ER.  He was admitted.  He has viral pneumonia.

Let’s review this day again.  I hadn’t been reading the Bible as I should have, Jesus laid out the passage specifically about this Centurion believing with complete faith that if Jesus says the word, his servant will be healed.  3 hours later, Micheal is admitted to the hospital and will begin to suffer terribly, just like the Centurion’s servant.  Jesus is preparing the way for Micheal’s trial and He is saying very directly that He wants those involved in this trial to have complete faith that Jesus will heal!    

4/21/21 morning – I read the next passage in Matthew about Jesus calming a storm for his disciples out at sea.  They were scared and did not have faith.

More affirmation from Jesus that although Laura’s family is about to go through a major storm, Jesus will calm it and He wants our faith.

4/21/21 evening – Urgent prayer request from Laura:  “Micheal has taken a turn for the worst.  They are moving him to a specialty ward for additional air support.  Please pray for our family.”

I sent out prayer requests to everyone I know that believes in the power of prayer:

And then I started sharing with Laura, all my friend’s prayers, and there were many.

4/23/21 –  Laura said he is hanging on by a thread and they are trying hard to keep him out of ICU.

4/24/21 –  Micheal is being moved to ICU.  Laura is not allowed to see him and is having a very hard time between the stress of taking care of her own health, her son’s health and watching Micheal’s health get progressively worse.  It has diminished in 4 days.  She questions herself.  My response was “You are in an extremely hard position.   That is why you have fellow believers that surround you in prayer.”

4/24/21 –   The news that feels like a death sentence came:

A prayer from one of the warriors I loved:  Dear Heavenly Father,  please let this venting process turn out well and let it get Micheal through his Covid 19.  Help Laura with her Covid symptoms and allow her to remain strong for her family.  Give her the support she needs.  In Jesus name, I pray.  Amen.

4/25/21 –  Another message from Jesus about wanting us to have complete faith in Him.  I told Laura to watch my church’s sermon today, although I didn’t have any idea what it was about because I couldn’t get the link to the bulletin.  It turned out that Pastor Ben reviewed James 5:13-17.  These 4 verses are about prayer, sickness and faith.  Then Pastor prayed for a man in the church who isn’t doing well and was back in the hospital that morning.  Some of my prayer warriors, including myself, that listened to this prayer thought it described Laura’s family so well that we inserted their names.  And Laura tuned in online right when pastor was praying!

4/28/21 –  Remained vented in ICU, a small amount of progress.  One beautiful sub story, a nurse found Micheal’s cross necklace and wrapped it around his lower arm.  My reply:

She was his nurse several days!

4/29/21 –  Still vented with bits of progress.   I asked God that by this time next month, Micheal is back to his old life but that he is on fire for Jesus because of His miracle, still to come.  I have total faith Micheal will be healed.

5/1/21 – Laura and Colton are doing FaceTime to encourage both of them and Micheal, even though he is sedated.

5/2/21 – The huge Miracle:

5/4/21 to 5/10/21 – Micheal started working hard to recover.  They moved him out of ICU, he got an infection but nothing show-stopping since I saw him post on Facebook (haha).   He is feeling better for sure!  Next thing is praying for insurance to approve acute rehab as Micheal has been in the hospital 3 weeks and is getting depressed sitting in isolation.

5/18/21 – THE MIRACLE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR; have complete faith JESUS will heal:

Footnote about the power of prayer:

Dear Jesus

You prepared us, then walked us through this storm.  You gave us everything we needed throughout this huge trial.  Thank you for the trial because it gave all of us who believe in you, the opportunity to have complete faith in your healing powers.  We love you with all our hearts. Amen.

24 thoughts on “Huge Miracle From God! ❤🙏❤

  1. Hallelujah,praise the Lord.Every now and then we need to be in awkward circumstance to feel his healing touch and then we shed tears out of sheer joy for his immense love and mercy.Thanks a lot for the testimony.Take care.Blessings.✝

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    1. Yes, to me, nothing feels more powerful than witnessing God’s power. I am praying right now that you witness a miracle, big or small, today. Thank you for your support Francis.


      1. Thank you very much for your prayers and I assure you of my full support as it is an exercise that enables a person to go closer to the Lord and I can’t let go off this opportunity.Take care .Blessings.🌹🙏✝

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    1. And to watch it happen twice to my beautiful friend’s husband bc he also nearly died with cancer. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I like to keep my posts shorter but I had to capture every moment of God’s unfolding miracle!

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  2. Wow! What a beautiful testimony Marla. We truly serve an awesome God! There’s nothing like having the prayer warriors intercede for us in our time of trial. But even when it’s just us praying the Lord moves mightily on our behalf. My Mom had emergency surgery and the surgeon basically said after the surgery that she wasn’t going to survive. But Jesus had other plans. It was only me, my husband and daughter praying in the hospital in the middle of the night. My Mom lived another 15 years and in that time she became a born again believer! Praise our mighty Savior for all His mercies!

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    1. Oh my gosh, that is an incredible God story Cathy. Just incredible. Thank you Jesus, your works fill us with hope. And thank you for sharing your personal story Cathy. I’m so glad we met through WordPress.

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      1. Testimonies like that must be told. Those who witnessed it and reads it will know that God is God. And that He still heals people.

        This Testimony is just what someone needed to read. For it will encourage them.

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