Why is Thanksgiving so Happy? 🙂 ðŸ¦ƒ

From Jesus Calling Nov 26th

Why is Thanksgiving so happy? Pick me, pick me, I know the answer! Haha

For me, it is the simple obvious answer…I am focused on being grateful! I have the grand ability to focus on negativity because I am an analytical problem solver. Everything can be a problem for me to solve, so fun for me but not so much for others.

Then Thanksgiving rolls around and life is glistening with cheer. Everyone I encounter appears to be happy and I don’t know if they are also focusing on gratefulness, like me, or it is just me that is counting everything as a blessing?! Whatever it is, I like it!

Did you ever start your day with all the stuff going wrong? Try this trick. Say “Thank you God for my breath. You have created my wonderful body that has all the organs working together to give me air every second. Oh thank you God for loving me so much.” And move onto every moment that you take for granted. “Thank you God for my eyelids blinking so my eyes don’t dry out. You give me gifts I am not aware of, constant miracles. Thank you for loving me so much.” By my third blessing counted, I am feeling better emotionally and mentally!

I love the people God has placed in my life. You aren’t random accidents, you are God’s choices. Thank you for bearing with me if I try to solve your problems. Remind me that I have my own to solve so leave your problems for you. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving! Glisten!

One thought on “Why is Thanksgiving so Happy? 🙂 ðŸ¦ƒ

  1. I am thankful for you! God put you in my life at the perfect time and our friendship is at the top of my list of thing I am thankful for my sweet sweet beautiful friend.❤

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